Who's behind You Are Yoga?

Hello, I’m Melissa.


In my search to deepen my spirituality, I discovered yoga about 8 years ago in London while working in the City. I fell in love with this beautiful practice instantly, finding an immediate source of calm and clarity within this busy world which, before yoga, often lacked meaning for me.


My practice changed my entire mindset, the way in which I viewed the world and the beings with which I shared it, and I soon felt an overwhelming calling to share this with as many people as I could. So, in 2018, I took a trip to Asia, and trained in Hatha-Vinyasa yoga with Samma Karuna School of Awakening, who base their training on non-dogmatic, heart-based teachings. As part of that journey, I gained my certificate in Yoga Nidra and have recently qualified in pre and post natal yoga.


As a yoga teacher I am focused continuously on Svadhyaya (self-study) to find different ways to bring a modern approach to the ancient Eastern traditional teachings of yoga, making them accessible and relatable in our Western world. I encourage all of my student to practice self-love and compassion towards themselves, which I believe, ultimately reflects outwards towards others. My belief is that practising yoga – not only the asanas (postures), but the full package – in this way, is a sure way to access inner joy, wisdom, abundance and ananda (bliss).


I invite you to share come and share your yoga journey with you with me, where I will be nothing less than honoured to guide you through.


Peace, love & light.

Founder, You Are Yoga


Amazing teacher, very spiritual class, amazing flow! She adds a personal touch you just can't find anywhere else!

Shelly Anne

I go to Mel's classes each week and really miss them if I don't go. The biggest thing is that I always leave feeling more energised and calm than when I went in. Mel is always tuned into the energy in the room and adapts the class accordingly. Each week we try something new which I really like too. It honestly feels like being a part of a community for that hour each week, there is no shame in dropping into child's pose, sweating, falling over, having a giggle. Such an enjoyable class.

Frankie Martin

Perfect mixture of relaxation and energising! Loved it!!

Laura MacDonald

Mel is such a fantastic teacher. Her sequences are well put together and suitable for all abilities and she’ll always come round to help you make sure you nail the poses. She is amazing at reading the energy in the room and adapting the routine to the way the class is feeling, pushing us if she can sense we are up for it and allowing us to rest when we need it. I always leave Mel’s classes feeling calmer, happier and stronger both physically and mentally.

Jess Jones

I have been to a couple of Mel’s classes now, and each class gets better and better! I am a complete beginner and I have felt welcomed and encouraged the whole time! Each class leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed!

Roisin Mackle