BRAHMACHARYA (Self-restraint)


One of our main goals in yoga is to create and maintain balance, and the simplest method of achieving balance is by practicing Brahmacharya – creating moderation in all of our activities. Practicing moderation is a way of conserving our energy, which can then be applied for higher spiritual purposes.


Brahmacharya means “self-restraint” or continence/abstinence. While most may associate these words with sex, this does not reflect its true meaning. This could mean restraint from anything; unhealthy sex, drugs, alcohol, vanity, gossip, Netflix – sound familiar?


You see, when we have control over our physical impulses of excess, or urges, we attain knowledge, vigour, a zest for life and increased energy. To break the bonds that attach us to our excesses and addictions, we need both courage and will. Each time we overcome one of these things, we become stronger, healthier and wiser.


In its roots, Brahmacharya stems from the devotion towards the Hindu god, Brahma (The Creator). Brahma is the universal principle which is existing in each of us. However, Brahma is beyond the duality (oppositions) but rather, it IS the universal consciousness. When each consciousness moves along with the universal consciousness, it is seen to be on the path of Brahmacharya.


So in order to attain Brahmacharya, we need to practice self-restraint in all areas of our lives – so basically, just don’t overdo it and conserve your energy.


How to Practice Brahmacharya


On the mat:

Conserve your energy in your practice. Be sure to create and expel energy with care. Are you pushing yourself too far? Reel it back a bit – think more restorative, less burn.


Off the mat: 

  • Take time to just be – rest and rejuvenate.
  • Leave your phone at home, turn off your TV or laptop, give Netflix a miss for tonight.
  • Restrain yourself from unnecessary speech. Try out the silence for a change.
  • Direct your energy towards something positive today instead of allowing it to be consumed with negative thoughts.

Some simple changes in our daily lives can have such an effect on our vibrational frequency. And in turn, the result, you will see, will be nothing short of magic.


From my heart to yours, have a wonderful week!


Peace, love & light.

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