The second Yama is Satya. Satya, meaning “truthfulness”, urges us to live and speak our truth at all times. I think truthfulness can seem quite scary for us because, well, where does the line of truth begin, and how far can we walk it before we are treading into disrespecting Patanjali’s first Yama, Ahimsa?


Since Ahimsa must be practiced first, we must be careful how we speak our truth if we know that it could bring harm to another. We must therefore ensure that we have “right speech”, which is non-harming, and which has the intention to support all living beings. So in many ways, Satya is about restraint; it is about slowing down, taking a moment to consider our words and filter them where necessary to be kind, while remaining honest and truthful.


  • Satya is not just about speaking your truth, but being your truth, and so you could bring this into your lifein the following ways:
  • Always be your most authentic and genuine self
  • Nurture your relationships by asking yourself the  following three questions before speaking:
  1. Is it true?
  2. Is it necessary?
  3. Is it kind?
  • Finding your truth or life’s purpose by constantly enquiring within
  • Cultivating Satya on your mat by being honest with yourself. Not pushing body or mind too far when you really just want to take a rest in child’s pose.

Speak your mind and soul, but do it from a place of kindness and love and you will never go wrong. Keep your heart filled with Satya and your truth will shine through for the world to see.


Peace, love & light.

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